Global Lambda Integrated Facility

Governance and Growth Working Group

Co-Chairs: Jim Ghadbane, CANARIE & David Wilde, AARNet
Secretary: Kevin Meynell, GLIF Secretariat

Goal of the Working Group

The goal of the working group is to identify future objectives in terms of lambdas, connections and applications support, and to decide what cross-domain policies need to be put in place. In particular, the working group looks into:

  • The overall objectives and ways of working of the GLIF.
  • The formulation of GLIF policies.
  • Any rules concerning the participation in the GLIF.
  • The supervision of the GLIF Secretariat, which has been outsourced to TERENA.

The working group is guided by the principle that participation in the GLIF should be open to any owner or custodian of lambda infrastructure (lightpaths, exchange points, etc.,) that is willing and able to make that infrastructure available to other GLIF participants on an agreed basis when it is not required for its own needs. The GLIF participants pool their excess resources for the collective good of their communities. The evolving GLIF governance structure should be extremely lightweight and consistent with this co-operative spirit.



Mailing List

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