Global Lambda Integrated Facility


AARNet logo


Australian academic and research network.



International exchange point in Miami operated by Florida International University.

ANSP logo

ANSP - Academic Network at São Paulo

Project connecting academic institutions in Brazilian State of São Paulo.

Argonne MCS logo

Argonne National Laboratory, MCS Division

Supporting the computing sciences.

CAL-IT2 logo

California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology

One of the four institutes for science and innovation funded by the State of California.



Not-for-profit corporation providing advanced networks and applications to the research and education community in Canada.

CENIC logo

CENIC - The Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in California

Operates CalREN, the California Research and Education Network, connecting K-20 educational institutions.

CERN logo

CERN - European Centre for Nuclear Research

European particle physics laboratory.



Chinese Education and Research Network.



Association owned by Czech Universities and Academy of Science to provide advanced networks and applications.

Ciena logo


A leading vendor of next generation optical networking solutions and full research participant.

Cisco logo

Cisco Systems

Leading vendor of networking and communications technology and services.

CPqD logo

CPqD - Centro de Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento em Telecomunicações

Brazilian telecommunications research and development centre, active in photonic technology development.


CSTNET - China Science and Technology Network

Nationwide network connecting scientific and technical communities in China.

DFN logo

DFN -Deutsches Forschungnetz

German federal network for universities, technical colleges and research institutes.

e-ARENA logo

e-ARENA - Association of Research and Educational Infrastructures

Coordinating body for research and education networking in Russia.

ESnet logo

ESnet - Energy Sciences Network

Provides the network infrastructure that supports the US Department of Energy's Office of Science.

Extreme Networks logo

Extreme Networks

Provides wired and wireless Ethernet switching solutions for Enterprise, Datacenter and Service Provider.

FAST Project logo

FAST Project at California Institute of Technology

Developing advanced TCP mechanism for high-speed data transfers over long distances

Fermilab logo


Operating Fermi lightpaths in support of leading-edge applications in high-energy physics.

FLR logo

FLR - Florida LambdaRail

Member-owned 100G Research and Education Network for Florida

Global Netwave logo

Global Netwave

Worldwide provider of international telecommunication circuits and Internet services


GLORIAD - Global Ring Network for Advanced Applications Development

Provides high-performance network services to scientists in the United States, Canada, China, the Netherlands, Russia & South Korea.

HEANet logo


Ireland's National Education and Research Network.

i2cat logo


Not-for-profit foundation promoting innovation and research for the next-generation Internet.

iCAIR logo

iCAIR - International Centre for Advanced Internet Research

Provides a focal point for leading edge Internet research, innovation, and pre-production deployment.

IEEAF logo

IEEAF - International Educational Equal Access Foundation

Working to ensure enhanced educational access to bandwidth.

IU logo

Indiana University

Leading institution with advanced information technology facilities

Internet2 logo


University consortium in partnership with industry and government to deploy advanced networks and applications across the United States.

JGN-X logo

JGN-X - Japanese New Generation Network Testbed, JGN eXtreme

New generation network testbed for research and development run by National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT).

JANET(UK) logo


The United Kingdom's education and research network.

Juniper logo

Juniper Networks, Inc.

A leading company in high-performance networking.

KAUST logo

KAUST - King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

International graduate university dedicated to scientific achievement in Saudi Arabia.

KRLight logo


The open optical Internet exchange in Daejeon.

MIT logo

MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Institution for advancement of knowledge in science and technology.

MCNC logo

MCNC - Microelectronics Center of North Carolina

Non-profit organization for advancing education, innovation and economic development throughout North Carolina by delivering next-generation information technology services.

MAX logo

MAX - Mid-Atlantic Crossroads

Advanced networking for higher education and research.

NLR logo

NLR - National LambdaRail

Consortium of US research universities and commercial technology companies that provides national infrastructure for support experimental networking technologies and applications.

NPS logo

NPS - Naval Postgraduate School

Provides advanced education and research programmes to the US Navy and other Armed Forces.

NWU logo

NWU - Northwestern University

Leading US research university

NSF logo

National Science Foundation, Directorate for Computer & Information Science & Engineering (NSF-CISE)

Supports computer science and engineering in the United States.

NetherLight logo


GLIF Open Lightpath Exchange in Amsterdam.

NORDUnet logo


Interconnects the national research and education networks of the Nordic countries.

PNWGP logo

Pacific Northwest Gigapop

A high calibre research and education networking services hub.

PSNC logo

PSNC - Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center

Operates PIONIER (Polish Research and Education Network) and POZMAN (Poznan Academic Metropolitan Area Network).


REANNZ - Research & Education Network of New Zealand

Provider of network services to the research and education community in New Zealand.

RIPN logo

RIPN - Russian Institute for Public Networks

Coordinates research and education networking and provides IP and domain registry functions in Russia.

RNP logo

RNP - Rede Nacional de Ensino e Pesquisa

Brazil's national education and research network.

SURFsara logo


Advanced ICT service centre based in Amsterdam.

StarLight logo


A leading optical switching facility based in Chicago.

SURA logo

SURA - Southeastern Universities Research Association

Consortium of over 60 universities promoting nuclear physics, information technology, and coastal research.

SURFnet logo


Network for higher education and research in the Netherlands.

TeraGrid logo


NSF-funded distributed computing and storage facility.

TransLight logo


NSF-funded interconnection between US and European optical networks.


TWAREN - Taiwan Advanced Research and Education Network

Research networking project of the Taiwan National Science Council and operated by the National Center for High-Performance Computing.

UvA logo

University of Amsterdam

Occupies a leading position in network development activities.

UCL logo

UCL - University College London

Academic institute involved in networking since the early days of the Internet.

UIC logo

University of Illinois at Chicago, Electronic Visualization Laboratory

Interdisciplinary research laboratory combining art and computer science, and specialising in advanced visualisation and networking technologies.

UMD logo

University of Maryland

One of the largest US university systems.

UW logo

University of Washington

Pre-eminent US research university.

UltraLight logo


Operates optical testbed network interconnecting computing clusters and data caches in California, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan and CERN.

USLHCNet logo


Provides Trans-Atlantic connections to LHC Tier 1 computing facilities.

WIDE logo

WIDE - Widely Integrated Distributed Environment

Japanese consortium of universities and commercial corporations to develop advanced networking services.