Global Lambda Integrated Facility


GLIF is a consensus driven organisation with an emphasis on participatory decision making. Coordination is provided by the Working Group Chairs, with administrative support provided by a professional secretariat.

Jim Ghadbane Jim Ghadbane - GLIF Co-Chair / GLIF Governance Working Group Co-Chair

Jim Ghadbane is the Chief Executive Officer of CANARIE, the Canadian National Research and Education Network. He joined CANARIE as its CTO in May 2010 and led many of its strategic initiatives, including evolution of its backbone network to 100 Gb/s, before being appointed as CEO in November 2013. He previously worked for Bridgewater Systems, Ceyba Corporation and Newbridge Networks and has more than 25 years of development and management experience in the high-tech industry.

David Wilde David Wilde - GLIF Co-Chair / GLIF Governance Working Group Co-Chair

David Wilde is the Chief Technical Officer of AARNet, the Australian National Research and Education Network. He joined AARNet as its Network Architect in November 2010 where he was responsible for the rollout of the AARNet4 network, before being appointed CTO. He previously worked in various technical and managerial roles for telecommunications operators and service providers across Australia and Europe, as well as being the founder of a Cisco Certified network integrator in France.

Eric Boyd Eric Boyd - GLIF Technical Working Group Co-Chair

Eric Boyd is Senior Director of Strategic Projects at Internet2, a US research and education networking consortium. He is responsible for software development of the SDN-based Internet2 Advanced Layer 2 Service, and led the development of perfSONAR and OSCARS. He is also a principal investigator for the NSF-funded IRNC IRIS, DyGIR MRI-R2 DYNES project, and GENI Internet2 OpenFlow projects whilst actively contributing to LHCONE and GENI as well as GLIF.

Lars Fischer Lars Fischer - GLIF Technical Working Group Co-Chair

Lars Fischer is Chief Technology Officer at NORDUnet, the Nordic research and education network, where he is responsible for coordinating Nordic e-infrastructure initiatives. He is also engaged in international collaborations such as G√ČANT, LHCOPN and LHCONE, as well as GLIF.

Maxine Brown Maxine Brown - GLIF Research & Applications Working Group Co-Chair

Maxine Brown is an Associate Director of the Electronic Visualization Laboratory (EVL) at UIC, and a co-principal investigator of the US National Science Foundation's TransLight/StarLight award. She is also a member of the Pacific Rim Applications and Grid Middleware Assembly (PRAGMA) and is a founder of GLIF.

Larry Smarr Larry Smarr - GLIF Research & Applications Working Group Co-Chair

Larry Smarr is the founding Director of the California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology (Calit2), and holds the Harry E. Gruber professorship in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) at UCSD Jacobs School.

Kevin Meynell Kevin Meynell - GLIF Executive Secretary

Kevin Meynell runs the GLIF Secretariat that supports the GLIF activities on a day-to-day basis. He has been working with GLIF since 2005.