Global Lambda Integrated Facility

Sponsoring GLIF

The Global Lambda Integrated Facility (GLIF) has its origins in the annual Global LambdaGrid Workshops that started in 2001. At the 4th Annual Global LambdaGrid Workshop, it was agreed to establish a Secretariat paid from sponsorship from participating organisations. This is hosted by the G√ČANT Association (formerly TERENA), and reports to the GLIF Governance Working Group that meets at every Global LambdaGrid Workshop.

The main tasks undertaken by the GLIF Secretariat are:

The running costs are met from voluntary contributions paid by organisations participating in GLIF. These contributions have been sufficient over the years, but sponsors indicated that it would be easier to justify GLIF sponsorship if a more structured way of defining a fair GLIF contribution was available. The following funding categories were therefore agreed at the 12th Global LambdaGrid Workshop:

Category Description Units Contribution 2016
Key GOLE Operator Organisation providing a GOLE critical to connecting global communities. Typically has links to other continents. 6 EUR 6,000
GOLE Lightpath Operator Organisation providing lightpath services to a country, territory or region. Typically operates a GOLE with multiple international links. 4 EUR 4,000
Lightpath Operator Organisation providing lightpath services to a region within a country or territory. May or may not operate a lightpath exchange. 2 EUR 2,000
Lightpath User University, research institute or other organisation utilising lightpath services. 1 EUR 1,000

Categories are intended to be self-selecting, and organisations can choose the category they feel is most appropriate to their circumstances.

The number of units listed against each category are used to calculate the suggested contributions. The GLIF budget, as agreed to each year by the GLIF Governance Working Group, is divided by the total number of units listed against all the contributors in order to produce a unit value. This is then multiplied in accordance with the table above to derive the suggested contribution for each sponsor. If the number of sponsoring organisations changes, the unit contribution would be adjusted as appropriate.

Sponsorship is essential in order to keep GLIF running. If your organisation would like to become a sponsor, please contact the GLIF Secretariat.