Global Lambda Integrated Facility

New GLIF Co-Chairs

29 April 2016 -- The Global Lambda Integrated Facility (GLIF) is pleased to welcome Jim Ghadbane (CANARIE) and David Wilde (AARNet) as its new Co-Chairs. They succeed Kees Neggers who has chaired GLIF since its inception; originally as the series of Global LambdaGrid Workshops starting in 2001.

Jim Ghadbane is the CEO of CANARIE, the Canadian NREN, which is a founder and long-term sponsor of GLIF. He initially joined CANARIE as its CTO in May 2010 and led many of its strategic initiatives, including evolution of its backbone network to 100 Gb/s, before being appointed as CEO in November 2013. He therefore brings considerable leadership experience to the GLIF role.

David Wilde is the CTO of AARNet, the Australian NREN, which is also a long-term sponsor of GLIF. He initially joined AARNet as its Network Architect in November 2010 where he was responsible for the rollout of the AARNet 4 network, before recently being appointed CTO. He also has long involvement with the GLIF community and is an active contributor to GLIF activities.

The new Co-Chairs thanked the GLIF community for entrusting them with the role by saying...

We look forward to continuing the evolution of GLIF to strengthen collaboration among members of our global advanced networking community. We will continue to shape essential infrastructure to enable broad scientific collaborations and provide greater access to research data and tools, realising compelling and tangible benefits to stakeholders well into the future.

GLIF would like to take this opportunity to thank Kees Neggers for undertaking the role of Chair for the past 14 years, as well as for his many contributions in research and education networking and the Internet in general. Kees is stepping down after many years as the Managing Director of SURFnet and subsequently the CEO of SURF where he was instrumental in developing research networking at both national and international levels. He was amongst the founders of RARE, ISOC, the RIPE NCC, Ebone, CCIRN and the Amsterdam Internet Exchange, and of course GLIF. We wish him well in his retirement.

More information about the new Co-Chairs can be found at

About GLIF -- The Global Lambda Integrated Facility (GLIF) is an international virtual organisation of NRENs, consortia and institutions that promotes lambda networking. GLIF provides lambdas internationally as an integrated facility to support data-intensive scientific research, and supports middleware development for lambda networking. It brings together some of the world's premier networking engineers to develop an international infrastructure by identifying equipment, connection requirements, and necessary engineering functions and services. More information is available on the GLIF website at