Global Lambda Integrated Facility

Phoebus Demonstration @ SC07




Greece: GRNET
Ireland: HEAnet
United States: Internet2; ESnet; University of Delaware Other: GN2 project


At SC07, Internet2, GÉANT2, and ESnet demonstrated the Phoebus performance framework, which allows applications to seamlessly set up dynamic lightpaths regardless of the user’s edge network access method. In doing so, Phoebus provides a bridge to enable a broader segment of users to take advantage of the performance and reliability of optical circuit networks, such as the Internet2 Dynamic Circuit Network, ESnet Science Data Network, and the GÉANT2 pan-European research network.

Internet2, GÉANT2, and ESnet, with collaborators from GRNET, HEAnet, and PIONIER, set up a 1 Gbps dynamic circuit using standard video transfer and file transfer applications. The applications were initiated from the Internet2 SC07 booth and leveraged the Phoebus framework to access, and then dynamically set up, a separate point-to-point circuit between Reno, Nevada, across the Internet2 DC network and the ESnet network, to the GÉANT2 network in Europe and then to the GRNET, HEAnet and PIONIER networks respectively. Prior to the demonstration, the applications were expected to transfer approximately 7GBs of data, the amount of data stored on a standard movie DVD, in one minute.