Global Lambda Integrated Facility

perfSONAR Demonstration @ SC07




Brazil: Rede Nacional de Ensino e Pesquisa (RNP)
Europe: GN2 project
United States: Internet2; Fermilab; Georgia Institute of Technology; Indiana University; Stanford Linear Accelerator Center; University of Delaware; ESnet; Open Grid Forum


perfSONAR is an infrastructure for network performance monitoring, making it easier to solve end-to-end performance problems on paths crossing several networks.

perfSONAR contains a set of services delivering performance measurements in a federated environment. These services act as an intermediate layer, between the performance measurement tools and the diagnostic or visualization applications. This layer is aimed at making and exchanging performance measurements between networks, using well-defined protocols.

SCinet, the high-performance network built to support SC07, used perfSONAR to expose performance monitoring information for conference participants and network engineers. The performance information monitored by perfSONAR at SC07 was visualized in several ways:

  • perfOMeter – A web-based network speedometer for both live and historical data
  • Google Maps – A geographical view of network performance
  • perfAdmin – An administrative tool for managing perfSONAR deployments
  • perfSONAR-UI – A Java client capable of supplying various network visualizations