Global Lambda Integrated Facility

DRAGON: Dynamic Resource Allocation via GMPLS Optical Networks




The Netherlands: SARA; NetherLight; SURFnet; University of Amsterdam
United States: Mid-Atlantic Crossroads; University of Southern California, Information Sciences Institute (East); George Mason University; StarLight; Internet2 Hybrid Optical Packet Infrastructure (HOPI)


DRAGON (Dynamic Resource Allocation via GMPLS Optical Networks) is conducting research and developing technologies to enable dynamic provisioning of network resources on an inter-domain basis across heterogeneous network technologies.

DRAGON inter-domain lightpath provisioning was demonstrated at the Internet2 Spring 2006 Member Meeting in Arlington, Virginia, as part of its larger demonstration of eVLBI application. DRAGON installed a 10GigE switch and its VLSR code in Amsterdam to extend lightpaths to Onsala, Sweden, necessary for its eVLBI application.

DRAGON demonstrated real-time setup and tear down of lighpaths; one from Los Angeles to Amsterdam to Washington DC, and one from Los Angeles to Chicago to Washington DC (see

eVLBI, an application of DRAGON, was one of the recipients of the first Internet2 Driving Exemplary Applications (IDEA) Awards that were presented during the meeting. Winners represented applied advanced networking at its best, and hold the promise to increase the impact of next-generation networks around the world.

University of Amsterdam’s Network Description Language (NDL) is similar to DRAGON XML for application specific topologies. The two groups are working together to integrate these into a single XML language that describes physical and logical networks, and instantiates and configures them.