Global Lambda Integrated Facility

CineGrid: Kyoto Prize 2007



Czech Republic: CESNET; CzechLight
The Netherlands: University of Amsterdam; SARA
Japan: Research Institute for Digital Media and Content, Keio University; JGN2; T-LEX
Sweden: KTH - The Royal Institute of Technology
United States: CineGrid; Calit2/University of California San Diego; Electronic Visualization Laboratory, University of Illinois at Chicago; Pacific Interface Incorporated; TransLight/StarLight
Other: NORDUnet


On 10-11 November 2007, CineGrid streamed 4K uncompressed and compressed live video from Kyoto to Stockholm. This was the world’s first 4K uncompressed transmission and the first 4K live streaming over both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. The Kyoto Prize ceremony was held at the Kyoto International Conference Hall and streams were sent to KTH in Stockholm.

Two paths were setup, one primary and one backup:

  • Primary: Kyoto-Tokyo-JGN2-StarLight-IRNC-Netherlight-SURFnet/NORDUnet-Stockholm-KTH
  • Backup: Kyoto-Tokyo-JGN2-StarLight-CESNET-Prague-CESNET-Netherlight-SURFnet/NORDUnet-Stockholm-KTH