Global Lambda Integrated Facility

AtlanTICC: An International Alliance for Innovative Research




United Kingdom: Imperial College London
United States: Georgia Institute of Technology; Oak Ridge National Laboratory


Imperial College London's new computer-based facility Global Lab enables researchers to remotely operate state-of-the-art equipment located in the US.

The technology was established as part of the AtlanTICC Alliance (Atlantic Technology Innovation and Commercialization Center [TICC]), a joint venture between Imperial, Georgia Institute of Technology and Oak Ridge National Laboratory, to investigate future energy solutions.

Operating through the UK provider of the US National LambdaRail (NLR), Imperial scientists can manipulate the aberration corrected electron microscope (ACEM) at Oak Ridge in real time, while the Oak Ridge and Georgia teams can use the nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) facility at Imperial.

Alongside remote microscopy, high-definition audiovisual equipment enables collaborative research via three-way teleconferencing. NLR capabilities ensure that there are no long pauses, echoing or stuttering.